The day started with a wild fire, dawn tormenting the sky with her violent explosions of furious oranges. Morning followed, shades cooling fast until the garden looked almost snowy. The heart quietened yet held on tight to the vibrancy — it is not so easily fooled by the passing of time.

The same boy who yesterday tearfully declared he wanted the holiday to never end suddenly materialised in the kitchen, all bright-red-uniformed, declaring high and strong that he didn’t need help to make his own breakfast.

The kitchen sits now empty and silent but for a tui’s song and the tea-cup holding ghost who looks upon what just was. Too busy with the day’s learning, the boy no longer thinks of her.

Outside, the sea is a mess of almond greens. The wide open hands of a cactus shines under a brand new sun, a fresh rain already come and gone.

Let us for a moment soak in the playful delusion that this day’s serenity will forever be.

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